Struggles with Letting go of your Past

Can we agree that sometimes, mistakes by the people we look up to are the kind of stories flooding the internet? It happens. I’ve read cases of divorce, infidelity, that almost didn’t end well but later got reconciled. They are likely to do two things;

  1. Hide in shame, especially if they admit being wrong and everyone writes them off.
  2. Use their scars as a lesson: “Yes we erred. Where did we miss it? Let’s Grow from it. We can use it as a testimony to help others.” I believe that’s courage!

Costly mistakes happen, and I know they don’t look nice: You had an affair; You got divorced; You once struggled with addictions; You aborted a baby; Now the old you is dead & gone, but you’re killing yourself cos it’s disgraceful? So what? Be sorry and apologetic to God about it, but that doesn’t mean you wallow in condemnation.

It may look terrible, but it’s for those moments that Jesus came & died. I believe, that if we can allow God heal our hearts and look at our stories from His perspective of Grace, He’ll help us Grow. It becomes a learning tool others draw lessons from. As long as you’ve grown in your walk with God, you shouldn’t have to feel condemned about it anymore.

This is never an excuse not to strive for excellence. I’m not here to feed the cravings of your flesh. If you find yourself still struggling with the sin, don’t settle for mediocrity. Believers have Victory over sin; Enforce that Victory! Insist on God’s Word coz Righteousness is our Nature. Be extremely open to improve. Grace is available.

However, Moments when you make mistakes & feel the whole world lashing insults at you, can you rise up like Paul, the Bible Paul, who had a thorn he struggled with: “I boast more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ’s Power can work thru me.”

If no one knew about it, it’s advisable you apply wisdom in relating it as a testimony. Timing is extremely important. You need to see God thru that pain and mistake. It’ll go a long way in wiping your silent tears and ministering Peace. Rather than criticize or write someone else off, You’re compassionate to pick them up with Empathy: “I’ve been there. But there’s Grace to help you.”

God is more concerned about your future, about using your stories of ignorance to help strengthen others. God is interested in broken vessels.

I believe we can be sincere with our scars. Wear them as a proof that God still heals even the ‘most terrible’ sinners. Let’s know how you battled with lust, jealousy, addictions, storms, unforgiveness, and how the Holy Spirit taught patience and self-control from it. Rather than hide in shame, why not use what you learnt to Help others grow as well.

When Someone owes you a million Naira, and another owes just one thousand. If you forgive both, tell me which of the two would value the mercy more? Obvious answer right? Jesus shared this as a parable, and affirmed that The one who owed more feels the forgiveness more.

God hates no one. In His nature of love, now matter how filthy you were, His Hands are open to receive you. Rise up in Faith, and give Jesus a chance to work thru You.

Our past mistakes should be testimonies we’re not ashamed of. It’s your message, what the world needs to hear to understand the power of Grace in Jesus. God can use your story to heal a billion people. He still loves you, and He wants you to be free and used by Him.

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