Grace; Temptations; Faith without Works; Where’s the Balance?

Are morals important? A loud Yes!
However, all our good works put together couldn’t earn us a place in Heaven. We meet God’s qualification for Salvation by Grace: Jesus paid the price, reconciled us to God, solved the problem of sin, and gave us Righteousness as a Gift. All these are received by Faith.
The big Question now is How? I’ll explain:
That we are saved won’t stop temptations from coming. I mean; our flesh and spirit are always at war. Sin-Looks-Irresistible!!! But my dear, You can’t be indifferent about it: “O well, I’ve tried, and can’t seem to control myself with those addictions.”
No! You have to respond to God’s Promises IN FAITH!
Faith is active: It TAKES HOLD OF WHAT GOD HAS SAID IS YOURS; The full package of redemption. Righteousness is your inheritance. Insist on Your right! Sin is not your master (Rom 6:14, 3:20-26).
The child of a wealthy man, as long as he is casual about His inheritance, would get peanuts & whips from servants under him. He needs to grow up and insist they can’t control Him. It’s the same with us. The devil rides on human ignorance. You have to grow in Knowledge and esteem God’s word above pleasure. That’s Faith! It reflects in how you live.
Faith that has no good works to show for it, is dead. Not asleep; Dead! It needs to be revived. James 2:26.
Grace doesn’t excuse Discipline; it rather enhances Discipline. We are no longer under the bondage of laws, but under the gift of Grace to act in righteousness. God works in you Himself. Your spirit has to be fed: “Walk in the spirit, so you don’t fulfill the desires of the flesh.” The Jesus we admire so well also got tempted like us, but He was able to overcome. Why? ‘Cause His Spirit was in charge!
Your spirit is Born again, but your mind isn’t; it has to be renewed. Meditate on what God says about you. Remind yourself of being dead to sin. You’re a New Creature in Christ. The body of sin is destroyed. The Holy Ghost now lives in You; His mighty Power works through you. See yourself in that light: “Whatever cannot defeat Jesus (sin, the devil & his cohorts…), can’t defeat You!”
You have authority over these things: addictions, premarital sex, homosexuality, the world & everything ‘sin.’ Faith gives You that victory. Don’t settle.
God put a New spirit in you, and gave you the Power to say NO to sin, no matter how old you are in the Faith. Kindle; stir up your Faith. Surround yourself with Friends that can Build you up. You ought to Pray. Rather than get weary or tired of the growth process, spend quality time praying in the Holy Ghost.
Build your Faith on this: “God has promised to help you.”
The devil is after your Faith. There’s need to Guard your Heart; Practice edification. Our Faith is in God’s ability to keep us standing in righteousness till the end. This is an expression of security and confidence in the Hope of Salvation Jesus brought. If your Faith is genuine, it should produce Fruits of Righteousness. Your actions shouldn’t say otherwise.
Faith matures in obedience. The culture of Righteousness proves that the Holy Spirit is alive in us. When it gets tough, when it seems like the struggles with sin aren’t stopping, the HolySpirit helps you keep at your Faith. Ask Him! You’ll hear Him say things like: “This is not my will. Let it go;” and He backs up His words with the Grace to act. He reminds you of who you are, tells you how to live… but He’ll never force you.
It’s true that Believers are led by the Spirit, and don’t need rules anymore. However, they can be guided, corrected, & rebuked in righteousness (1 Tim 3:16); not for bondage sake, but to help you “Yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.”
In Jesus, you are complete and blessed with all spiritual Blessings. “And Because you are sanctified legally, you can actually and vitally grow in Sanctification.” -E.W Kenyon.
I trust God to help you Build your Faith in His Word in Jesus Name. There’s more to write, but let’s pause here. I’ll love to hear from you: Thoughts, Comments, Questions, Feed backs, and Testimonies.
Bible References:
1 John 5:4, 3:9, Romans 3:20, 5:20, 6:11, 14, 3:21-31, Titus 2:11-14, Eph 1:3, 2:8-10, Phil 2:12-13, Gal 5:22, Col 3:1-4, 1 Peter 5:8-9

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