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Starting something new in 2019? Fear, Faults, Critiques…

P.S: Potential Authors, I have a note here for you.
When it comes to receiving feed-backs, It’s only natural that a well done pat on the back looks more comfortable.
I am an introvert and as a teenager, I hid a lot from writing and public speaking. Comments like “you didn’t do well,” just never sounded nice. I took baby steps to learn however, with embarrassing mistakes of course, but the process built me up.
I’m much better by the way, but I said all that to make these statements: Not making any move may come as an easy option. Quitting would also appear handy, but you should discipline yourself not to give in! Be bold about ACTING no matter how little. If all the dots are not well connected, by all means be diligent about seeking knowledge, growth and also learn to take calculative risks.
From experience, withdrawing from critics only fans your weaknesses, passes away time & holds you back from improving.
What has God called you to do? It’s better to fail “trying,” than not to try at all. If He says move, my dear for the sake of the people He has positioned you to impact & build up, you need to be deliberate about it. Let’s use the words of Pastor Nike Adeyemi: “It’s time to exercise dominion in your purpose and area of calling.” Sit down, Count the cost, Write out a Plan…then Step out! Put procrastination aside.
You probably flopped at a project last year and everyone saw it. That’s not the time to feel the whole world lashing insults at you. Take it as a lesson and move on. The world is still advancing; it won’t end because you were laughed at. You can only get better.
Yes failure is shameful, but face it well. Even if you have an opportunity to pass off the process, please don’t! Stay there.
“I would rather have a record of failed attempts at divine leading, than no attempts at all.” – @Pst_Iren
Accept the critics that are constructive. You have to keep working. Ignore those that aren’t helpful. People can say whatever it is they want to say. You shouldn’t let their thoughts/condemnations control how you live. You can’t please everyone.
Be extremely open to excellence. The world has gone past mediocrity. Whatever you’re working on, make sure there’s improvement on your part.
Choose? Success is on God’s terms!
You’re into Graphic designing or fashion? Be professional!
You’re passionate about spreading Jesus through your gifts, do it well!
The business, acting, film making and scripting you do, you really have to be good at them.
Create an atmosphere of Inspiration: Control the updates flooding your social media accounts. Connect more with people who presently live the future you see. It helps a lot.
“There’s something called bench-marking. See how others in that field do theirs, and then use it to grade yourself. Not to be competitive, but to be proactive.” – @Pst_Iren
“If you invest 4 hours learning any skill consistently for 9 years, no matter how dull you were, you’ll rank among the best 10%.” – Anonymous
O well, 9 years sound too long a time, it may not be that long for you though. Be consistent about investing in knowledge! Take courses and work on yourself.
Fear of failure would limit you if you’re not careful. It draws people back from growing.
Don’t give in! ‘Do IT’ afraid.
If God is leading you to write a book this year, or He wants you to start a project for widows and orphans, or to pioneer a children/teenage ministry, please don’t let fear hold you back. You need to take a step regardless. Every journey has a beginning, no matter how small it looks.
Last year, I was privileged to write my first book. Initially, the thought of it sounded exciting!, but the process was a bit scary and demanding. It taught me lots of lessons. Here’s a bit of it:
Your write ups won’t bring a million views, comments & feed backs in a jiffy. It may take a while, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a message that’ll inspire the world. Selling a book may put you under so much pressure, trust me, especially if you’re financing it yourself. But it’ll teach you.
Even if your heart sincerely just want to serve and inspire others, you’d still get criticized. The jaw-breaking empires and businesses we all admire also make mistakes. None is 100% perfect yet.
For write ups & books, there are strategies you need to learn to drive your message to the right audience. There would be bills to settle, especially if it’s your first time.
You play your part by creating and promoting awareness online. Don’t you quit because the numbers aren’t adding up yet. You may or may not sell all your books at once, but be proactive about it.
Have mentors you can learn from and serve. Welcome constructive scrutiny and reviews. On my part, I proofread my blog write ups almost 15 times before uploading. It helps me see better ways to put a sentence or message.
New here? Live for an audience of One: God!
As long as God birthed an inspiration you have, and the message you’re passing across is a blessing, write ups don’t die. In years to come, someone would read it and receive the light in it.
Please take note of this: Writing is a skill, but also see it as a ministry. Declare words of prophecy over your write ups, that God demonstrates His Revelation & Power over everyone who reads.
My Book is 5 months old today; Hallelujah! However, I didn’t sell up to 50% of the Hard copies until the 4th month, which wasn’t that encouraging. But I kept on with the publicity and improvement, I didn’t stop. I got materials and wisdom nuggets from leaders who had been there, I observed how they scaled the process in their time, then made adjustments and continued with my other businesses.
Today, more than 75% are sold out. You may not know how much quantity that is, but it’s really huge & I’m excited about all the testimonies recorded by everyone who got a copy🙌. God helped me rest on His ability to bring an audience.
If God leads you on a project, as long as He said ‘Go,’ my dear, Go! You mustn’t have a perfect moment before you start. Stir up your Faith & back it up with bold steps. ACT!
And I pray for you, that God perfects the great work He has started through your hands in Jesus name🙏.
Tell us some practical strategies in handling critics. How did you overcome your fears last year?
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S.T.O.R.M.S: In my Pain, I found Purpose


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