Dealing with Scars, Insecurities, Esteem and Confidence.

Sometimes in dealing with physical scars, the tendency to get disturbed about your new looks arises. Mine is almost all gone now; Hallelujah! But at the early stage, I felt really uncomfortable moving around public gatherings.
Before Meets After
Thinking back on my healing process, I believe it actually worked on my perspective about value in the long run; having a kind of confidence that is unperturbed by the changes it caused on my face.
Follow my line of thoughts, please.
First, let me state that looking good is cool. You should look good, especially since its the physical world we relate with. Your appearance and packaging should be beautiful.
However, in building esteem go for something deeper!
Go beyond the physical.
Measuring value based on your assets; things like fame, look in the mirror, people tripping for you, social status, Instagram likes… it’s quite fuzzy ’cause it doesn’t last. What happens when it’s all gone when the attention people give you reduces? Would you still believe you have value?
As a Believer, Go for God-Esteem!
Value, to you, should be rooted on who God calls You in Christ.
You prosper in your circle not just because you work twenty-four seven, or because your fine face brings you favor from your boss.
You Prosper BECAUSE you are under a blessing in Christ. And by the virtue of God’s help over you, you stand out. Just like Daniel, an Excellent spirit from God is what you boast about.
The blessing is your default nature; “You get whatever you have BY the grace of God.” This is not mere religion as some people would think; it’s worth rejoicing and declaring about! Blessed is the man who puts his trust in God.
Isaiah puts it thus:
“The Lord gives strength to those who are weary. Even young people get tired, then stumble and fall. BUT THOSE WHO TRUST THE LORD will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.” Isaiah 40:29‭-‬31 CEV
It’s interesting to note how Isaac in the bible sowed and prospered in a land that was barren. Why? Because God called Him blessed. The prodigal son, on the other hand, worked really hard; yet he got no profitable result.
You have a responsibility to work alright; a man who doesn’t work should not eat. But for we Believers, our hard work doesn’t define our Blessing. There’s an increase for us at work because our Blessing is tied to Christ.
The BBE version of Proverbs 10:22 breaks it down: “The Blessing of the Lord gives wealth: Hard work (your sweat or toiling) makes it no greater.”
Our source is not just based on our hard labor, but on God.
By the power of the HolyGhost, this post is to shift your perspective about value from yourself to your stand in God.
Your mindset should read, “People favor me because the hand of God is at work in me.”
It’s not about you exposing your cleavage or size of whatever to prove to the whole world that you are beautiful.
Have a healthy opinion about yourself for the right reason… But most importantly, build value on ‘Who God calls you IN CHRIST.’
Digest that!
Pastor Laju Iren mentioned in one of her vlogs, how some people get really obsessed about Self-love that it makes them believe the Purpose of their lives is just to make themselves happy.”
Your purpose is more than loving yourself, my dear.
Your understanding of value should be tied to you knowing ‘WHO’ and ‘WHOSE’ you are. From experience, this is far stronger than your looks or connections with the most popular people in town. God’s ability is at work in you; HE CALLS YOU BLESSED!”
Rest your confidence on the fact that “You belong to God.” Whether your eyes or nose look big, my dear you are perfect and beautiful.
Walk in the light of who God says you are.
You play your part;
Constantly work on developing yourself.
Work on your carriage.
Have a friendly countenance.
Invest in knowledge.
Employ the wisdom of God in your business.
Be consistent with growth.
Live Prepared.
Make declarations and charge up your atmosphere by the power of the Holy Ghost.
Draw knowledge about value as only FROM GOD!
Confidence is discernable. It says a lot about how your listener receives you and what you have to offer.
God loves you so much. He can go any length for you. I’m pretty sure it’d take a while before anyone chooses to die for their lover, but God did it even when you were His enemy.
The Perfect love He has for you should wipe out every doubt you have about yourself. Rest your confidence in Him. By the wisdom of God you Prosper. This is something that can never be taken away from you!
You know; you actually don’t become all of a sudden special because of the attention people give you. Don’t let their thoughts about you change how you feel about yourself.
Find value in who God says you are in Christ.
You are the light of the world set on a hill to shine! You experience increase on every side. God says He would give you the dews of Heaven, the fatness of the earth, plenty corn and wine. Nations would serve you…men would favor you.
Run with God’s word.
My prayer for everyone, myself included, is that God helps us grow in our knowledge of His power at work in us in Jesus name.
I recommend a Vlog Post on ‘Self-Love’ by Pastor Laju Iren. You should watch it. She broke a lot of things down about God-Esteem. (Here’s the link).
Now Over to you;

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For questions about Purpose, you can read the recent post I did on it HERE. Do check it out.
Bible References
Isaac: Genesis 26:12.
The prodigal son: Luke 15:15-16
Blessed: Psalm 2:12b
Genesis 27:28


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