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The PEACE of God when Life’s trial hits you so Hard!

Because this topic is quite sensitive, let’s start this way; If you’ve had to deal with a hard time lately, or some things just didn’t work out as planned…that it makes you really upset and tired of ‘life;’ Take a deep breath and relax.
Allow the Holy Ghost minister Peace to your heart through these words. Don’t feel weird; I’ve been there before. By reflex, you may get scared and wonder if things would eventually work out to your favor…
I know the experience may have troubled your emotions, marriage, career, or even weighed you down to think there’s no point existing because you think God caused you pain. The enemy’s target is against your Peace. God never brings evil.
At this point;
It’s best you run back to God & rest on His love. Don’t think He is ignorant or less concerned about your case. No matter how many times you come running, He won’t get tired of you.
“…for He has said, ‘I will never (under any circumstances) desert you (nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless), nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you (assuredly not)!” Hebrews 13:5 AMP
Even if it was your fault that trouble occurred, let Him hear you cry. Let Him know the burden hurts, and that you’re really disturbed about it; God still brings beauty out of ashes!
Be sure that He listens to the silent prayers you make in your heart. You can go ahead and cry; not as a show of defeat, but with an understanding of the Almightiness of your God. It eases a lot out.
God sees you. He sees the end from the beginning & He knows what’s best for you. He says, “when you go thru the fire, I’d be right there…keep your eyes on me.” In those trying moments, do not curse God. -@MarioEse
The revelation of how relentless God is on your matter should assure you that He would never leave you helpless.
A second point I’d note here is the authority you have to frame your world with scriptures. Speak!
You know what? When God saw the world in darkness at the beginning of creation, He didn’t just settle and say, “guys, there’s no hope. We can’t bring meaning of out of this!”
No! He spoke words to form what He wanted.
That same power of God works in you!
Speak into whatever situation troubling you. The spiritual world controls the physical. What would you want your world to look like? Frame it with words rooted from scriptures.
Did the devil call you a failure, or tag you barren and stagnant? Don’t keep quiet! Fight him back with your Faith in the Word of God.
Stand firm in Your Faith.
Jesus says I have borne all your troubles, sicknesses and diseases on my body; You shouldn’t suffer pain anymore. I’ve paid the price for you to experience Heavenly Blessings.
Enjoy all Jesus died for on the cross. Don’t settle for the devil’s lies. Know your inheritance in Christ… don’t let it be in vain.
Speak what you want into existence. Make declarations and prophecies; Call forth those things that be not as though they are. For it is God who would perform it Himself.
Over time, God may lead you to confide in someone, a spirit-minded believer; not to condemn you, but to encourage you in the Faith. No man is an island.
When one is weak, the strong one helps him up
Surround yourself with believers who can uphold you in prayers and remind you that God is in charge. He controls the whole earth!
This conviction is powerful. It gives you confidence at any time to get all the strength you need.
Know the God you’re dealing with, that His love for you is independent of your efforts or mistakes. It can’t diminish. Holding on in the face of adversity is a kind of strength that can be built in the place of fellowship and intimacy.
Keep yourself reminded about these things. No matter the Storm, this phase too shall surely pass away.
And finally, Rejoice! Rejoice, for the battle is not yours but God’s. He has given you victory already…and with Joy, we draw water from the well of Salvation (Isaiah 12:3); which is the fullness of inheritance we have in Christ and the strength we need for life’s journey.
Ever Present Help!
And as time goes on;
You would discover the testimony God brought out of those experiences;
Like Peter, your response becomes; “It is good for me that I have been tried and tested. Initially, I didn’t understand why I went through that fight, but God; I’m glad you had a great future in view for me. My Faith is stronger and the whole experience has brought You glory.” 1 Peter 1:6-7 (paraphrased)
Here’s why the enemy attacked: he knows there’s a lot God wants to do in and through you. he’s aware of whose you are! The attack is a sign that you do have power in God thru Christ and he wants to stand against it.
Let the process build up your spiritual muscles, as Ephesians 6 explains it. Fight back in Faith! What matters is your response to these issues so you don’t give in to depression.
Depression is really subtle. The enemy looks for opportunities to push people off the cliff. Your thought life is like a gate, and it can influence your Faith.
In every moment, keep yourself stirred up in the place of heartfelt prayers and meditations on God’s Promises; for God remains ever reliable to bring His word to pass in your life. For further study, I’d recommend a blog post on Spiritual & Mental Health as inspired by the Holy Ghost; written by a passionate blogger- Here’s the link.
I believe you were blessed. I’d love to hear from you. Let’s talk more-
Now Over to You:
Please share your thoughts, experiences, and testimonies…Blessings!

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  • Watchers

    Someone spoke up to say that God fits the trial to the person so that what happens to me can’t be compared with what happens to you. Our struggles are not all the same because we have a wise Heavenly Father who fits the trial to the person.

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