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Being Intentional about the Leadings of God in your spirit

#Walking In Purpose

“Before I shaped you in your mom’s belly, before you ever saw the light of day, I knew all about your life! I had holy plans. I set you apart for what I had in mind for you to do in the world-.” Jeremiah 1:5 MSG (paraphrased)
You may have read that verse a billion times, but today, I want you to see it as a revelation! You know how powerful it spoke to me this morning??
See friends, this whole gist about “Purpose” is beyond you; God was so intentional about your birth! Why weren’t you born 20 years earlier? It wasn’t even because of your parents’ discipline about family planning? No! God waited this long and brought you specifically into the world for such a time as this.
Please understand:
When those thoughts about “your Future” scare you, when this whole entity called ‘life’ looks confusing, when it makes you question your existence; my dear, put anxiety and worry aside and Go TALK TO GOD. He’s the One who designed you!
Your tomorrow is not new to Him; Do you get? God is more interested than you are when it comes to leading you. I have this confidence, that He orchestrates events consistently to align us, His children, into His Original plan.
“God works in you Himself. He puts desires, zeal, and inclinations, for you to willingly act in accordance to His good purpose.” Phil 2:13 NIV (paraphrased)
All the Grace you’d ever need to ACT upon the leadings in your spirit is available. You have to take advantage of it; As you pray intensely and War God’s will into manifestation (Matt 6:10), you also need to step out & act!
Are you a child of God? Yes? Then, my dear, leading seeks you (Romans 8:14)
As Regards Purpose,
Please understand that no one is “insignificant” in God’s agenda.” You have a specific role to play. The ultimate Goal is to spread the message of reconciliation in Christ to the world, and no matter how small you think you look in your eyes, “you are so indispensable in this Kingdom Work!”1 Cor 12:22
Ever received a clear leading from God to do something you had never planned to do before? A practical example for me is blogging. You know sometimes, we call those nudges ‘weird.’
I mean; leadings that go, “lay hands on that crippled,” “turn the inspirations in your heart to a song,” “reach out to the widows in village XYZ,” “start a teenage revival in your room;” Naturally, you may want to draw back, especially if you don’t have the resources or expertise?
But You see those fears, weaknesses and insecurities you keep giving excuses about? God knows about them, and He still wants to use you. He designed you from the very beginning to fit into this work.
My dear, destinies are tied to yours. I wish you can see the billions God is raising through your singular act of obedience. It triggers an awakening of people’s destinies, even for generations yet unborn.
God sees you with His lenses, & what He sees is His version of you- The Best Version; “I am in you, and you can do all the things I lead you to do because I am the supplier of your strength!” Phil 4:13
Do you get? “God doesn’t need your ability to do the work He drops in your spirit. He’s the one doing it through you. What He needs is a willing & surrendered heart.” – Reza Petelo
Those fears!
Those fears spring up majorly because you probably just see the present; Please see beyond yourself! Allow God to do His work through your hands. “Divine leading from God is not old-fashioned; it carries so much weight.” – Pastor Emmanuel Iren
Obey and take those little steps. Yes it may not look sensible now, but learn to let go of yourself and trust the Father. This IS A THING OF FAITH!
Keep yourself REMINDED, that this is God’s work, not yours. It is for His glory! He has Graced you; He has Graced you with every strategy needed for every hour. Each time you take a step of Faith in that assignment, He backs it up with His Power.
“Your physical eyes may not see the end yet, but you remain assured and trust that the leadings from God in your spirit would bless Generations. God has a glorious future in it for you!”
Friends, do not let fear hold you back from obeying God! Be sure that He would make perfect what He has promised. It is His work.
The good news about Writing/Blogging for me presently is more like Jeremiah’s account of “Fire shut up in my bones. Trying to hold it back wearies me. I can’t keep quiet about it.” Jere 20:9. Receiving fresh word from God blesses me, then it gets me excited to spill it out! I want the World to see Jesus through every written & spoken word, and be richly blessed.
And finally, before we wrap this up, I’d love you to note this one thing: WHEN YOU receive leading from God in your spirit, you have to be intentional about WRITING IT OUT!
This is not mere chichè;
Writing the vision would go a long way in helping your Faith. Naturally, a lot of issues would come up, and trust me when I say it may get you discouraged. Challenges would make the vision seem really blurry.
Writing it would keep you reminded about where the vision came from. Repeat it always to yourself. You’d then see how God releases strength for you to hold on. Even when no one sees the vision or encourages you, your Faith remains persistent!
My dear, there’s a river within you, and it needs to burst out! Like Dunsin sang, “Command the Channels of your spirit to open up!” You are connected to God, the River that can never run dry: Out of your belly should flow “rivers of living water” that’d impact your world for Christ.
Generations are waiting on you. I believe God to multiply His Grace over you in Jesus name.
I appreciate that you read through, and I believe you were inspired by the Holy Ghost. As always, I’d love to hear from you: Your thoughts & Questions-
Excess Love from Your friend in the Faith



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