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My Open Letter; “Singles in waiting.”

I believe it’s an honest desire for single ladies to want someone they also can call a “Husband.” I don’t mean ‘Desperation’ now, ‘Desire’ is the word; Do You agree??
Having the desire to marry is a very good thing: “For God, Himself, saw that it is not good for a man to be alone,” (Gen 2:18, Prov 18:22). Meaning; as a lady, someone would need you for a helper, which is good.
Marrying early is also beautiful, trust me; I admire many young couples. There’s just something practical to learn, watching them showcase real virtues even in their homes; Beautiful!
But you see this thing called ‘AGE’ friends, do not let it put you under pressure. That all your friends got married below 25 doesn’t mean being single is a curse.
God is a good God you know?
He would not withhold anything good from you (Psalm 84:11). First, let us establish that getting troubled about your single stage, because you do not have a man, is out of tune with God’s idea. That is an underlying issue you should work on.
“Marriage doesn’t complete you, neither does it make you a ‘more important’ person. Your identity, first, is in who you are in God, not on whether or not you are married.” -@AngelaAnyigor.
Being without a husband ‘yet’ is not punishment. And it is also not because you’re not good enough; No! Because God loves you, He has a lot He’s still working in you.
It is possible that He has made you wait this long because you’re still not ready for the Son He’s preparing you for.
“God sees our hearts. He can tell when we are ready and emotionally mature to deal with the issues in marriage.” -@AngelaAnyigor.
“Sometimes, it is necessary to be hidden by God. Obscurity gives you the chance to develop yourself. When the time is right, when you’re strong enough to withstand the elements of marriage, then you will be revealed.” TD Jakes
You really don’t want to rush into marriage too soon c’ mon, you have forever to enjoy it. Marriage is work! The excitement of marriage you think you want now, except you’re ready for it, God is not wicked to give it to you.
It’s like birthing a baby prematurely;
The chances of survival is at stake the earlier a premature baby is exposed. God can do anything and that’s true; But the question is, “do you have the capacity to handle it NOW!?”
You won’t enter marriage 100% perfect alright, but you should enter prepared, strong enough to withstand some pressure. You probably still have a lot to learn before playing that “Helper” role to a guy.
If there are frivolities you struggle with, this is the best time; Deal with them! Character should be developed. Work on your mindset regarding respect, patience, submission, anger, jealousy… Build yourself up! Engage with your passion! Find confidence in God and love up on Him.
The inheritance of a fruitful marriage is already there for you in Christ. But “be aware, that God is not expecting that you pause your whole life because He is preparing you for a husband. No! He is interested in you as a person, not just for a wife. He would grow and groom you all round for His purpose. At the end of the day, it is an individual race to eternity.” @OluwanisolaOye
Take advantage of the precepts He brings.
Your ‘wait’ period should be active. As long as you deliberately are being productive during this season, the wait is for a purpose; look at it that way! Enlarge your tent and be ready to accommodate what is coming (Isa 54:1-2). Spend time with God’s word building your emotions.
It is wise that you engage yourself in prayers while still single. Make declarations in the spirit over your future partner. You probably already do these things, but this time, take the prayers beyond yourself.
Speak over his destiny, character, his love for you, his friends, ministry, finances, your future home, and lots more… Pray over whatever He’s occupied with at the moment even though you both may or may not have met.
Marriage is more than having great skills in bed my dear. It’s more than that. You should enter with a multiplier mindset…For One shall chase a thousand; Two should chase more (Deut 32:20).
Like @Damilolamikebamiloye would say; “In marriage, you are fitting into someone else’s vision. You’re not going in to feed your man alone. You have a responsibility to feed His vision and all God has placed in his hands, else it’d die prematurely.”
Be approachable alright;
Package and attractively present yourself. But don’t let age pressure you. Trust that God, the Master matchmaker, is Faithful regarding your marital destiny. “He has a Kingdom full of His choicest Princes. He would give you His best as a husband when it is time.” – @Alerotune.
Every today’s experience prepares you for Him and also would prepare Him for you. You both are being worked on individually. The guy would show up when it’s time, and your spirit would know.
Understand that Esteem is not built on whether or not you have a man or the number of guys asking you out.
…And as you engage with God, regardless of how long you wait, events are orchestrated when the time is right to bring God’s best for you.
God’s promise to Joseph didn’t happen until many years later. It purged his character until it was time for his dreams to come true. Psalms 105:19 TPT
Great Grace is upon you girl! Carry yourself with that grace and be fruitful as God invests in you through the process! Remember, there is a time and season for every purpose, including marriage.” (Eccl 3:1).
Let’s call it a wrap here friends, Gladddd you were blessed!!!
Over to you now:
I would really love to hear you share ‘PRACTICAL’ ideas, thoughts and recommendations for singles; While waiting, how best can love be poured out on God, and the beauty of the single season enjoyed?
A few video links you should watch. Please take time out;
How we met.” By Dammy & Ella Mike-Bamiloye
CRUSHING” by Bishop T.D. Jake
Can I be married already!?” Book by Ifeoma


  • Morris David

    Awesome piece, i was richly blessed as each line had something for me. It also helped confirmed God’s word for someone i’ve been interceding for for a long while now.

    Ample grace ma’am.

    • Matthew Precious

      Wow… Indeed the single season or waiting period is a time of building up.. Am blessed ma’am…
      May God continually enlarge your understanding and give you more wisdom mama Dami..
      Happiest birthday to you Ma age in grace and more exploits for God ma…
      With love.. Presh Desire❤

    • Okhiria ibhade

      This is really inspiring..its more than a birthday gift…am touched and impacted by every word…indeed singleness is a season of self discovery in christ…God bless you for this…more of God’s grace and wisdom ma!…

      • Samuel Joy

        Wow, this is indeed inspiring, thank you ma for this wonderful enlightenment. God bless you. More grace ma.

  • Chioma okoye

    This is great speech. There is time for everything
    In this life,keep doing your part then leave the rest for your creator

  • Blessing Philips

    Awesome write up and deep knowledge. More Anointing and inspiration darling. God bless you always dear.

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