When Jealousy creeps in, own up to let go!

A friend and I had a chat some years ago and she was curious to find out if I had ever been jealous before. Initially, I laughed at how eager she looked awaiting my reply, but then, the honest truth is, “temptations happen to everyone.”
Jealousy, one topic no one may ever admit, is a mind battle like other habits. The devil is one cunning guy; if you’re not careful, he would bombard your mind with thoughts on comparison.
All the time you focus on how outstanding others are in their fields compared to you, or you measure your pace with theirs, could actually stir up jealousy. It probably vexes you that all your friends get so much favor and honor in their area of gifting, and no one seems to recognize you?
First things first:
That you are tempted to react with jealousy is a test of character; You shouldn’t let it settle; deal with it! The real concern is not about the temptation, but what you do when it does come. It’s beautiful that as believers, we have the ability of the Holy Ghost to RESIST whatever negative thoughts.
Every fruit of the spirit we bear comes by the grace of God. The heart to love, the ability to be joyful about someone’s progress rather than get jealous, is a thing of Grace.
In conforming to the image of Jesus, God has to help you. Be open to Him about your struggles, no need hiding or justifying jealous thoughts. Stay in HIS word till HE prunes you and cuts off every wild shoot,
Feeding your mind with what others have that you don’t, won’t help. You would only feel disadvantaged the more. Be more intentional about feeding your mind with thoughts that edify and strengthen your understanding of Who God sees you as.
Here’s how God operates in His Kingdom;
Nobody and I mean no single person, is ever counted highly as compared to another. One person plants, someone else waters, God is the Boss who gives the increase, 1 Cor 3:4-10.
Your service and that of others in the Kingdom is a thing of SYNERGY; it is cooperative and complementary. We serve as God assigned giftings to us. That a person’s gift appears more pronounced in church doesn’t make yours inferior.
God doesn’t measure service based on the podiums you climb, or as related to someone. He measures it based on obedience, as He has delegated responsibility to you. Individually, we all have gifts, stirred up by one and the same Spirit.
An orange feeling intimidated because an apple gives nutrients different from its, is just folly. Comparing yourself with others is not wisdom.
Unique: That’s the keyword!
Your entire ministry may be the starting point or resource for another’s:
Yours could be to plant the Word through a conversation; A chorister may then be assigned to water that seed with a song of deliverance; Your Pastor’s message could seal it up with massive Harvest; It is a thing of partnership!
Although it’s common to rate the harvester higher than the planter because of the bountiful harvest he brings. But there really is no difference between both. The planter, the one who adds water, and the harvester, all performed & contributed to the harvest according to their assigned roles.
Recognize that we are CO-LABOURERS. God is the vinedresser, the Foreman. We are called into a ministry that interlocks with that of others. It’s not a thing of, “This is mine,” thus refusing to let others contribute, probably because you don’t want them to take your shine; No!
Remind yourself all the time that this Kingdom work is never about you. Take your mind faaar from “SELF.” It’s God’s work. I know everyone appreciates being commended, which isn’t bad if controlled. But if that’s your drive for service, then caution!
I love that in the Kingdom, we’re likened to a Body. Individually, tasks are assigned according to how God sees fit. Everyone works towards the singular MISSION of pulling the world to Christ.
1 Cor 12:1-6 explains,
Gifts come in their diversities, YET the same Spirit works thru all. Our diversities in the body should teach you about not having to struggle to do what others do.
A fellow workers progress should excite rather than threaten you. Be glad that the Kingdom of God is advancing. God is Multi-faceted. He Intentionally made us diverse in Destinies and giftings. Your eye ball, tho little, plays a significant role.
Yes, others may plant a seed with you today and reap the harvest immediately. Because yours wasn’t immediate doesn’t have to make you feel left out. Everyone’s timing is different. You’re not late. Time is not going. God’s time for you would come when it is right, wait for it
Learn to appreciate God’s power in the lives of others and trust Him to work through you as well. Celebrate their success stories. Pray for Kingdom workers. Desire their good even when they appear grown or more established than you are.
Be intentional about self-development. Work on your carriage. Develop a friendly countenance & relationship with people. Invest in knowledge. Employ the wisdom of God in all that your hands find to do. In what ways can you develop yourself? Be consistent with growth.
Watch your thoughts
You have a responsibility to guard what you occupy your mind with: get transformed by renewing it consistently…feed it with truth, honesty, your purpose, keep it busy with God’s word, so even when thoughts on jealousy come, you have an armor to resist
For our weapons of war are not carnal; meaning there’s a fight! The battle starts with your mind. Our weapons of war are mighty through GOD, pulling down strongholds, making useless everything trying to exalt itself against the knowledge of God in our hearts
What should drive you when it comes to serving in God’s house shouldn’t be the kudos or applauds, but that God gets ALL the glory. No one person who serves in the Kingdom is an island, neither is any gift inferior.
And finally, Let go of yourself!
I believe this blessed you, as always.
Now over to you:
I’m excited to learn from you. Your thoughts on this subject are most welcome and appreciated. Please feel free to share and drop a question or comment.
Have a most Graceful October!!!


  • Deborah Aboderin

    Hey Sis!!!
    This is ❤️✨
    This really blessed My mind and heart. God bless and strengthen You always. I really loved the comparism with apple and orange. Really practical. I love what You do Sis. Your strength is daily renewed and Your heart flooded with God’s light always and forever. I love You loads Sis

      • Igwe Kelvin

        Awesome read as always. Jealousy, a topic I can relate with on a personal level (though not really in the context of God’s work)

        I mean it’s easy to fall prey to a darker form of jealousy when we see others excel despite been given the same playing field & opportunities. This form of jealousy actually leaves you very antagonistic to your very own self, and valued relationships.

        The key word still remains; WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS……

        God bless you Dorcas. Look forward to meeting you someday.

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