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From Accident & Pain to Testimony: 2 years of Lessons & Insights

It’s been Two years, 2 amazing years of GRACE. I clearly remember those moments I couldn’t even understand what was going on; from hospital beds, to struggles with pain and tears. Seeing everything unfold in Praise TODAY gladdens my heart
Too many lessons that accident experience taught me, just too many. To keep it short, I’d share just 5:
1. Perspective changed everything
Was the experience painful? O yes it was, and equally traumatising, especially because of the losses that it shook my Faith for the longest period. But then, I’m super glad it shook my faith.
Now it makes sense when Paul said, “consider it PURE Joy when trials come.” When He said Joy, He meant PURE JOY. The trials we experience, however it appears, actually just comes to test the genuineness of your faith. If it’s built on a shaky ground, revert; It should stand on the Solid rock of God’s Word, so even when life’s storm comes really hard, your standing remains firm
Let those moments of weaknesses lead you to deeper strength in God
Accident turned victory over death; Praise God!
How unbearable the whole experience appeared at that time, welling up so much doubts in my heart, but TODAY, in the midst of it, in the midst of every detail, I see the Father’s hand pruning my heart. Those were 2 good years of Learning, Unlearning, Relearning, Healing, Growing in God and shredding unnecessary weights
Literally, it taught me to have a staying power, holding onto God’s word that it becomes sweet wine to my soul. My joy now has an anchor; Joy not in accessories that can fade, but JOY in the Holy Ghost
2. When you receive a promise from the Father
When you receive a sure Word of prophecy, even if everything about your physical reality goes contrary to that Word, that’s not the time to go, “God, did you really say, or was I just thinking afloat?”
Go make war!!!
Take a minute to boast about this God please, He’s no man!
The God we serve is FAITHFUL. Nothing, and I mean no single thing, can change His person. Some days I literally give HIM a hug and whisper, “thank You for being so True, that I can hold You by Your Word and be sure You won’t change Your mind. When You say “A,” it just has to be A; That’s the God we serve!
3. It’s funny how I never used to be confident about writing before that accident, especially on social media. I felt critics would find a fault, or people would read meanings into the message and get offended.
“What if I’m not exact? What if I’m not whole about the message, sort of it having bias meanings?”
These used to be my thoughts and struggles, but today, I testify that It is Great Grace actually writing & hearing testimonies of how much inspiration people get from stuffs I share online, how it blesses and ministers to everyone.
Isn’t God wonderful?
This literally gets me excited, that HE could use that singular accident the enemy meant for evil to break down walls in my heart, just so I could get a feel of who He really is and the reason why He wants me living; For His own Glory
Lesson: It’s 100 percent Grace that you are what you are. Thank God, and bask in the Grace He releases!
#There Really Is No Mountain God Won’t Climb Up
#NoShadow He Won’t Light Up
#NoLie He Won’t Tear Down
#NoWall He Won’t Bring Down
Running After Us
Let the world see Jesus in your eyes
4. Your WAIT season
See guys, how God made sense to me after the accident is just too beautiful. Everything taught me to be really Intentional about feeding my Faith while waiting. I’ve waited on God for so many things. You’re probably waiting on HIM as well, to do something for you. I implore that you enjoy and maximise your WAIT season
Waiting is a course you must pass in God’s training school. It so builds your faith; It’s an avenue God uses to train us
While you wait, Be intentional about PRAYING, & Praying in Faith. The devil would always try to trigger delay, I know, but as long as you’re in the Father’s arms, God is never late. At His time, He would make all things beautiful and perfect
I know sometimes, the problem is not even about if the wait will eventually happen. We know it will happen, but the question and worry is “WHEN”???
Go get your joy back and Stop worrying. Celebrate God in the process. Thank HIM. He’s still working. Grace is available in Jesus name
And Remember;
5. The enemy’s attack is against your FAITH. he’s not after your cash. he doesn’t even need your health, marriage or goodies; his focus is your faith in God.
Be ready, ’cause He would look for ways to strike these possessions so you’d turn against God. he just wants you to forget God and His promises, and move on! (Like he did to Job in the bible)
Stand firm in Your Faith.
You’re having issues in your health, look to God & rejoice! Yours could be that terrible stuff your spouse did, and you find so hard to forgive. The enemy’s target is your faith. Give him no room; Fight the good fight of Faith and be intentional about rejoicing instead.
If you can Look at every life experience through the eyes of the Father, if only you can see how intentional He is about building up your faith muscles or raising your threshold of forgiveness, it would spark a fresh fire within your heart that would save you lots of worries and heartaches. God never brings evil, but He uses every of our experience in this fallen world to build us up.
There are few people who have reached that point of hopelessness, the feeling that says ‘Life-makes-no-sense.’ Giving up is not an option my dear; Rise up in Faith, Rise up in Power, Rise up in Authority, Rise up in wisdom, Rise up in God’s Word!
Those who know their God, those who get deeply intimate with their God, they shall be STRONG and do EXPLOITS, Daniel 11:32
We serve a God who heals and heals completely. In all these things, every single one of life’s trials, we remain MORE than conquerors. Why? ‘Cause GOD IS on our side. Today I ask, Can you still believe, every Word God has spoken to you? Here’s a reminder to keep trusting the report of the LORD
And that’s it folks, 5 great lessons from the aftermath of that accident🙌
I believe this blessed you; your feedbacks and questions are most welcome
Too much Love from me to you😄


  • Amusa Seun

    Waiting is a course we must pass in God’s training school…

    God uses situations to build our faith in Him. Those who can’t endured the training process, can’t stand the test of time.

    WOG, More grace. My Spirit is blessed.

    • Suleiman Barnabas

      I am grateful to God that you have come through this period stronger and more dedicated to your God! I can assure you that the testimony has just begun! The scars will be cleared perfectly by the power of God in the name of Jesus Christ!!
      I rejoice with you for what God is doing through you to glorify His name!!
      Cheers, my Sister!!!
      Much Love from me!!!

      • Emem

        Dami, you are such a blessing to the kingdom of God. To go through all you’ve been through and still be grateful is inspiring. May God continue to uphold you with His righteous right hand and may His purpose for your life be accomplished in Jesus name. I love you sis

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