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Crazy Faith, Even when it looks hard to wait on God

Sometimes, holding on would look crazy, I know. I’ve experienced situations that literally felt impossible to change. Making faith confessions sounded funny; people couldn’t understand my faith ’cause there was no physical reality. You’ve probably being tempted, like me, to think God only hears occasionally, especially when the wait seems really long . But in those moments, when it all looks hopeless, can you still trust God?

Like Abraham,

We get promises from the Father. It’s easy to think these Bible guys saw God come down from Heaven to give them a promise or something? No! God spoke mostly to their hearts as He does with us, and it always tallied with His word in scriptures.

Abraham got a word from God and c’mon, see him laugh; That could only mean, “God, this is impossible! Sarah and I have gone past the age of child bearing. Don’t bother yourself. I have a son, Ishmael. Let him be the promise.” (Gen 17:17-18)

Being 75, having to wait till 100 before the promise child was born; imagine, 25 real years. Those weren’t roller-coaster waits; so much pressure was on His Faith. But beyond Abraham’s potency, who was the force behind that promise; God or Abraham?

“And Against all odds, when everything looked hopeless, Abraham still believed God!” Such HOPE; Having to hold on when every glimpse of hope was gone. He expected God to fulfill the promise; He TOOK GOD AT HIS WORD! In spite of being nearly 100 and the fact that Sarah was incapable of conceiving, HIS FAITH WAS STRONG! He never stopped believing. He was FULLY PERSUADED, THAT GOD HAD ALL THE POWER NEEDED TO FULFILL WHAT HE HAD PROMISED.” Romans 4:18-21 TPT

I find this Beautiful! Think about it; it is true some cases would involve praying without seeing immediate results. Holding on to your Faith, especially when you’ve waited a long time, would appear crazy. But can you resolve to trust; trust that whatever you commit to God’s Hands won’t fail?

Oh what about the enemies, you say? I hear a great door has been opened, but there are many adversaries (1 Cor 16:9); Should I be scared?

Here’s the thing:

God hears every word you say. He does (John 11:41-42). Yes, the enemies will gather. Your faith would be attacked. You may be tempted to loose hope. But understand; There is a Power above the enemy! A power that cannot be contended by witchcraft forces. A name that nullifies every effect of sorcery. And that’s JESUS!, You release it each time you pray and wait on God.

The name, JESUS!

When the enemies gather, because they cannot contend with God, they will fall for your sake (Isaiah 54:15)! I mean, Who wears the victor’s crown? God does!

God is too sovereign to be limited by the world’s system. Too consistent to leave you halfway. All my life, I have never seen a righteous man forsaken. I’ve learnt to see God as a Father, too faithful not to come thru for His child.

If He gave Jesus, His son, without any input from us, what then would you need that He can’t provide (Rom 8:32)?

The enemies will plan, o yes! They will show great skills in divination and sorcery. They may have legal rights obtained through deception, just like Haman (Esther 3:10), but our God! He is fixed on keeping in perfect peace any whose mind is stayed on Him. Guys, Trust God!

When the adversary comes

When the enemy comes, raise a standard against him. How? God’s Word; We overcome by the blood of Jesus. The blood that speaks louder than every force of darkness. Because of Jesus in your life, there’s no mountain that cannot be moved in His name.

Did God say something to you in His word? Then resolve to trust Him. Whatever you commit into HIS HANDS won’t fail. It’s either He doesn’t want you to have a particular object ’cause there’s something better, but I don’t want to care how long it takes till you see a manifestation, pray and keep believing! As regards cases of healing, God’s mind about that for His children is undebatably settled; Healing is our bread, like bread you have access to on a daily basis (Matt 15:22-29). Eat your portion people, until you’re fully satisfied.

“Now Unto God who can do anything (powerful verse; It’s a good place to scream!!!). He is able to exceed what you can ever imagine or even pray about, according to His Power that works in you;” (Eph 3:20)

Friends, GOD IS SUPER SUFFICIENT. Here’s what makes the difference; the power of God at work in you.

The power to pray and exercise your faith in making strategic moves. Just like setting weight-loss goals, for instance, giving up would look a lot easier at the start, but the goal keeps you going even when no evidence is visible. So also your Faith; God’s power is at work in you to hold on; wait on Him.

Now please understand,

Waiting on God is super “ACTIVE.” God is more interested in who you become through every wait. He uses those experiences to groom you. Be open to the leading He’ll bring;

Engage yourself with God

Abraham, while waiting, we see God build Him: He trained 318 servants in Gen 14:14. He grew from doubting God to having a having a kind of hope against every hope (Rom 4:18-21)

Most times, my wait experiences deepen my trust in GOD. While dealing with issues in the secret place, I grow into this sort of confidence that boldly declares about a matter, “This is my heritage as God’s child,” Isa 54;17; could only have come by revelation.

Like Jesus, assure those Jarius moments, “she will live again, by the power of God!” Mark 5:21-35

God fully understands when you say there’s no hope. He’s been there. Imagine having to go heal Jarius’ daughter who was sick. I find that story really interesting ’cause another healing happened on the way. The woman with the issue of blood; she had been to countless doctors, given out all her resources, yet for 12 years, no change. But by trusting and touching Jesus, a miracle happened

And almost immediately,

A news came that Jarius’ daughter was dead. But then, I see how the woman’s testimony encouraged Jarius’ faith. He must have thought, “just before my very eyes, a woman’s hopeless case was restored. What can’t this Jesus do? Absolutely nothing!” Hope came alive. Jesus encouraged him, “only believe, she would live again.”

Is an issue disturbing you?

Find God’s word about it. GO MAKE WAR! Build your faith. Keep believing. These are things we hear almost all the time; Now, put that faith into work. Do not excuse it.

Keep your expectations alive. Pray! Don’t give up; insist on your faith (Luke 18). If there’s a temptation to surrender, this post is to encourage you; HOLD ON. When all odds are against you, when everything contradicts your hope, keep trusting God. He’s not limited by anything.

When your Faith starts wavering, be open to God about it. I mean, He already knows how you feel so there’s no point hiding. Let Him know you sometimes get discouraged about everything. Draw strength from Him. And possibly, find a friend who can agree with you in prayers.

“Most assuredly I tell you: “A yes on earth is yes in heaven; a no on earth is no in heaven.. When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Heavenly Father goes into action. HE WILL DO IT! And When two or three of you are together in honor of my name, you can be sure I’ll be there.” Matt 18:18-20

How Powerful!

And those who wait on God shall have their strength renewed (Isa 40;31). Fight the thoughts triggering fear. I’ve had a million and one reasons to wait on God for things that sometimes, made me cry. But I didn’t give up. Now reflecting on them makes me laugh; BECAUSE, in the midst of it, in the midst of every experience, I see God’s Hand. How intentional HE is, so INTENTIONAL; orchestrator of our life’s journey, He has every detail in His hands.

At first, your physical eyes would be tempted to worry, I know. BUT The truth is, If you can fix your gaze on GOD in every event, those situations will excite rather than worry you, honestly. In all these things, in every single one of life’s trials, we remain MORE than conquerors. Why? Because GOD IS on our side:

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ ‘What shall we drink?’ ‘When will I have children? Or get married? Or have that Job?’ For even the pagans run after all these and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. BUT…

Let’s conclude with that verse:

…BUT seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and trust me; all of these things will be given to you (Matt 6:31-34). As a son, you are responsible for God’s Kingdom. Let your motivations be divine, that those desires burning in your heart are channelled towards advancing His Kingdom. And trust me, He would see to it that you are greatly helped.

Thank God, because He always hears you: “Only believe!” I trust that this blessed you richly; your feedback and questions are most welcome.
Too much Love from me to you: Dorcas😄

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