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True Love; How Honest can you ever be?

“I love you!”
Such Sweet words;
I personally appreciate being told,
If possible, a million times, in one day.
I mean, who doesn’t?😅
Most especially from that ONE PERSON,
You really can’t do without thinking about.
I wonder if it’s the excitement of how it sounds,
Or the emotions itself,
Or the assurance you get,
Knowing someone actually does love you?
But really,
If we believe so strongly,
Tales of love from mere mortals,
How much more the Father?

Beautiful People,

God calls you the apple of His eyes;
Believe Him,
He means it!
His love chased you,
Never gave a second thought about relenting.
Now you’ve said Yes,
He’s committed to so much more.
The Father really does love you,
This is no myth!💖
Man in all honesty can mean you good,
But intentions, sometimes, would be misinterpreted.
Because the human nature was born selfish,
It can be tempting to seek deeper meanings to actions.
Even in our most sincere goodwill,
Likelihoods of mistakes happen.
But the Love of the Father; C’mon
Personalize this love;
How Perfect!
The Father’s love
With God,
Every smile is sincere
And when He laughs, it’s all for your good.
Because His every motive is perfect,
YOU can bank on His Love!
Those break-ups and heartaches you never could understand,
You didn’t want it to happen, I know.
But it did, bringing along many sleepless nights.
Now you feel hopeless, like your whole world ended?
In those moments,
When your desires didn’t align with the Father’s,
Days you feel overwhelmed and disturbed,
His thoughts for you are perfect
“My Plans would prosper you,” He says,
“It doesn’t harm;”
“Surely has a hope and future.”
Eye, Blue, Human, View, Eyelashes, Lid, Mirror, Soul
He’s got your best interest,
Written all over His eyes.
Yeah, seasons don’t last forever,
But even when it does appear unpleasant,
It would always work for your good.
“Trust me! My mind is full of you”
“I won’t leave you helpless,”
“My love IS THE assurance;”
So Perfect,
That it chases fear out!
At the time you didn’t deserve my help,
Times you never could earn or pay for it,
I didn’t spare my own son;
He took your place in damnation (Rom 5:6).
Now you’re mine?
How then wouldn’t I sustain you?
And see that you make progress,
Like I have always promised.
My love for you is beyond your good works,
It is who I am
Love that overrules your past,
Melts your flaws,
Never would bring you evil.
You fell into sin again?
O the lies from the enemy,
“This is unforgivable!”
“God can’t love you in this mess.”
Lies! All lies
Coz the devil plans to well up self-condemnation,
he’d intimidate the grace of God upon you,
And sell the wrong image of the Father.
“Repent & Return,” God says,
“I still love you.”
Prodigal child? I still love you🤗
He really does love you
It’s His nature
He won’t hate because you flopped.
He can’t!
Love disciplines alright,
But Rest!
Rest in the warmth of His Love & embrace.
“I authored your life remember?
You didn’t beg me to send you to the Earth;
I chose to!
I had a purpose in mind,
An agenda with your name on it.
I brought you into the faith,
Never would I ever leave you comfortless.
I started this.
Make this a constant Hope & assurance,
My Sweet words resounding in your heart,
“I love you,”
Always always will do
And because it is perfect
I would never fail you”
– Love, God🤗


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