About Dorcas

Hiiii!!! I’m really glad you could stop by. Let me tell you a bit about myself;
Being a God lover & Ambassador, I find great passion in writing as inspired by the Holy Ghost, and also teaching God’s Word among youths. I’m a First-class graduate of Chemical Engineering from Covenant University (Nigeria), a Project Manager, an entrepreneur, an author…and also a car accident survivor to the glory of God;
I was in coma for a few weeks. Initially, after recovery, everything about me was angry! I woke up occasionally at midnight, wondering why God didn’t stop the accident. O the pain it caused; physically, emotionally…I kept asking questions. I wrote letters to God expressing how upset I was. The accident didn’t just incur painful scars, it killed my eldest brother and four friends. Over time, the Holy Spirit showed me comfort beyond words…;
The accident experience eventually became a turning point for me.
I was exposed to God’s word about the reality of Faith when trials come, handling storms that may appear disturbing, and our disposition of Joy while we Pray and wait on God for a turnaround (as James 1 explains). I received comfort from The Holy Spirit, and as 2 Corinthians 1:4 puts it – we are comforted in all our troubles, so we can comfort others going through challenging seasons with the comforts we have received. After my exposure on Faith during the process, I was led to share my Storm Experience as Testimony, and the Reality of Purpose (why God still extends our years here on earth) in my first book. It’s titled:
“S.T.O.R.M.S: Testimonies in Disguise
(In my Pain, I found Purpose)”
More about S.T.O.R.M.S: Testimonies in Disguise here.
I am the Production Engineer of Deelight Sparkelz: that’s the business I run. We customize, produce and distribute home-made chemical hygiene products: Liquid soaps, Disinfectants, Room Fresheners, and everything nice. @deelightsparklez on Instagram.
Among others, I’m really passionate about grooming youths, ladies especially, to operate in the full capacity of all God created them to be; “I love when ladies gather. I love when we learn and sharpen each other in Christ. It’s the most beautiful environment ever.”
My honest prayer here today is that as you come through this blog journey with me, the Holy Ghost releases words that would edify and inspire you to live every single day for Christ in Jesus name.
My Father loves you so much; and so do I.
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