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    Grace; Temptations; Faith without Works; Where’s the Balance?

    Are morals important? A loud Yes! . However, all our good works put together couldn’t earn us a place in Heaven. We meet God’s qualification for Salvation by Grace: Jesus paid the price, reconciled us to God, solved the problem of sin, and gave us Righteousness as a Gift. All these are received by Faith. The big Question now is How? I’ll explain: . That we are saved won’t stop temptations from coming. I mean; our flesh and spirit are always at war. Sin-Looks-Irresistible!!! But my dear, You can’t be indifferent about it: “O well, I’ve tried, and can’t seem to control myself with those addictions.” . No! You have…

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    Struggles with Letting go of your Past

    Can we agree that sometimes, mistakes by the people we look up to are the kind of stories flooding the internet? It happens. I’ve read cases of divorce, infidelity, that almost didn’t end well but later got reconciled. They are likely to do two things; Hide in shame, especially if they admit being wrong and everyone writes them off. Use their scars as a lesson: “Yes we erred. Where did we miss it? Let’s Grow from it. We can use it as a testimony to help others.” I believe that’s courage! Costly mistakes happen, and I know they don’t look nice: You had an affair; You got divorced; You once…

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    Why the long wait? It’s been 2000 years +!!!

    When unfavorable situations happen, some honest response is to just wish the world ends. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but I can. IAfter a car accident I recently survived that incurred brutal injuries on my face & arm, I remember writing a note to God the period I was at the hospital: “Father, I believe Heaven would have been a better place than all the pains I’m feeling at the moment. Why didn’t You let me just come straight away? These injuries are really hurting…” For everyone who has a question about Purpose, about why God didn’t hurry us away from the earth after salvation, let’s talk: After…

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    My 5 Legends: Tribute!!!

    Today makes it exactly a year after the accident, and I’ve come to tell God thank You; for family, for everyone of us who survived, and for the 5 who transited to glory on November 12th last year. Some memories are just unforgettable! . We left Lagos together in a bus, laughed & prayed on our way to Abuja. Waking up on a hospital bed almost 3 weeks later just felt odd. It’s difficult to believe the stories I heard about the accident. I think about you guys all the time. I find ‘me’ scrolling thru our whatsapp chats occasionally, staring at your pictures, the comments everyone made on Facebook, &…

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    Written with a very personal touch

    “The Author in this captivating and revelatory piece has stirred our hearts to the truth of the infallibility of Faith in God and its growth process, which brings not only healing and maturity, but also full joy in Christ. Written with a very personal touch, the message brings home the gospel of purpose, grace, our newness in Christ, and comfort in the Holy Spirit. It is a crucial companion for every believer desiring to live above life’s stormiest torrents and manifest our victory in Christ. God bless you!” Oluwaseyi John Akinsola Assembly Pastor, Youth Church, MFM International Headquarters Annex, Utako, Abuja.   To get the E-copy of S.T.O.R.M.S on Okadabooks.com,…

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    We live in a fallen world

    “We live in a fallen world. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Dorcas’ book reminds us that as believers, we always win. That regardless of the situations around us, we have a God who is always good. Not only can He turn for good what the devil thought was for evil, we have a hope in him that transcends this life. Her words will bring you comfort; the same kind with which she has been comforted. But they will also push you out of your comfort zone, to see beyond yourself and live every single day for Christ; the One who died your death, so you can live his…

  • review,  Testomonies

    Review by Mum and Dad

    What can separate us from the love of Christ? Nothing! Not even storms! God remains ever faithful. Even in this situation, We know our Redeemer Lives. May your name be praised for ever in Jesus name, Amen. On behalf of the families whose children/relations were involved in the accident testified in this book, God in His infinite mercies will wipe away our tears, turn every sorrow and sadness to Joy. God, the balm in Gilead will miraculously heal all our wounds in Jesus name, Amen. . God wants to use this testimony to minister to everyone at the verge of ‘giving up on God’ or close to committing suicide, to…

  • Testomonies

    Dorcas bounced back from pain

    The bigger message of some of the miracles of Jesus was this: He showed Himself to be, not merely One who could raise the dead, but as the resurrection and the Life. “Nothing is a loss for a Child of God. Not even Death.” Losing people definitely hurts, Even Jesus wept at Lazarus’ funeral. But that hurt is never final. We may grieve, but not without Hope. (1 Thessalonians 4:13) Dorcas bounced back from pain, which pointed her further in her walk with the Lord. Emmanuel Iren Lead Pastor, Celebration Church International To get the E-copy of S.T.O.R.M.S @ Okadabooks.com, Click Here. (800 Naira)

  • S.T.O.R.M.S

    Beautiful Reading View

    Beautiful Reading view!!!💓 . That accident taught me something: Your Perspective and Attitude towards a situation should have firm backing on God’s word, no matter how fearful it looks: not just mere denial to excuse the effect of the experience. Tho it may have really hurt, but True comfort can only be found in God’s Word!!!👌 . A short tip in our Reading Journey: Don’t rush; read with a pace that’s most suitable with you. Take breaks! Pause at intervals! Digest the words of Faith received; declare them with confidence in the Spirit! Let your reading atmosphere by stirred up; Praise God!!! “S.T.O.R.M.S: Testimonies in Disguise” is a Faith-filled Gift…

  • S.T.O.R.M.S

    S.T.O.R.M.S: Book Launch

      I wish I can explain how excited I was seeing Everyone of us who Survived that accident, rejoice, as we celebrated God and Launched the Book on August 11th. It gave me a flash-back of our sitting arrangement in the bus that night of the accident; Tho the memories made me really emotional, My heart is thankful to God today that He shamed the devil over our matter and kept us for His purpose!!!!🤗🙏My Joy is this; that God has given all of us who survived that accident a testimony that inspires everyone today…Praise God!!!🙌🙌 . “S.T.O.R.M.S: Testimonies in Disguise” is Now Available to Everyone, and It was an…

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