• Faith,  Purpose

    Why so serious about Jesus?

    The Beauty and Urgency of the Gospel All the time I get asked about my seriousness regarding Jesus, I laugh. The truth is, I was never this serious. “Shyness” used to be an easy excuse I give just to escape critics & insults about my FAITH. Evangelism never looked interesting to me at first…until I found answers. . Here’s the thing: There’s a reason why what we preach is called ‘The GOSPEL.” Let’s liken it to a sweet GIST you can’t keep quiet about when you see a best friend; The Gospel is GOOD NEWS! . A good question to ask is, What really is the NEWS we call GOOD?…

  • Faith,  Purpose

    Being Intentional about the Leadings of God in your spirit

    #Walking In Purpose “Before I shaped you in your mom’s belly, before you ever saw the light of day, I knew all about your life! I had holy plans. I set you apart for what I had in mind for you to do in the world-.” Jeremiah 1:5 MSG (paraphrased) You may have read that verse a billion times, but today, I want you to see it as a revelation! You know how powerful it spoke to me this morning?? . See friends, this whole gist about “Purpose” is beyond you; God was so intentional about your birth! Why weren’t you born 20 years earlier? It wasn’t even because of…

  • Faith,  S.T.O.R.M.S

    The PEACE of God when Life’s trial hits you so Hard!

    Because this topic is quite sensitive, let’s start this way; If you’ve had to deal with a hard time lately, or some things just didn’t work out as planned…that it makes you really upset and tired of ‘life;’ Take a deep breath and relax. . Allow the Holy Ghost minister Peace to your heart through these words. Don’t feel weird; I’ve been there before. By reflex, you may get scared and wonder if things would eventually work out to your favor… . I know the experience may have troubled your emotions, marriage, career, or even weighed you down to think there’s no point existing because you think God caused you…

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    Grace; Temptations; Faith without Works; Where’s the Balance?

    Are morals important? A loud Yes! . However, all our good works put together couldn’t earn us a place in Heaven. We meet God’s qualification for Salvation by Grace: Jesus paid the price, reconciled us to God, solved the problem of sin, and gave us Righteousness as a Gift. All these are received by Faith. The big Question now is How? I’ll explain: . That we are saved won’t stop temptations from coming. I mean; our flesh and spirit are always at war. Sin-Looks-Irresistible!!! But my dear, You can’t be indifferent about it: “O well, I’ve tried, and can’t seem to control myself with those addictions.” . No! You have…

  • Purpose

    Why the long wait? It’s been 2000 years +!!!

    When unfavorable situations happen, some honest response is to just wish the world ends. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but I can. IAfter a car accident I recently survived that incurred brutal injuries on my face & arm, I remember writing a note to God the period I was at the hospital: “Father, I believe Heaven would have been a better place than all the pains I’m feeling at the moment. Why didn’t You let me just come straight away? These injuries are really hurting…” For everyone who has a question about Purpose, about why God didn’t hurry us away from the earth after salvation, let’s talk: After…

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