• Purpose

    Struggles with Letting go of your Past

    Can we agree that sometimes, mistakes by the people we look up to are the kind of stories flooding the internet? It happens. I’ve read cases of divorce, infidelity, that almost didn’t end well but later got reconciled. They are likely to do two things; Hide in shame, especially if they admit being wrong and everyone writes them off. Use their scars as a lesson: “Yes we erred. Where did we miss it? Let’s Grow from it. We can use it as a testimony to help others.” I believe that’s courage! Costly mistakes happen, and I know they don’t look nice: You had an affair; You got divorced; You once…

  • Purpose

    Why the long wait? It’s been 2000 years +!!!

    When unfavorable situations happen, some honest response is to just wish the world ends. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but I can. IAfter a car accident I recently survived that incurred brutal injuries on my face & arm, I remember writing a note to God the period I was at the hospital: “Father, I believe Heaven would have been a better place than all the pains I’m feeling at the moment. Why didn’t You let me just come straight away? These injuries are really hurting…” For everyone who has a question about Purpose, about why God didn’t hurry us away from the earth after salvation, let’s talk: After…

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